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Builder of premium homes in the Bow Valley, Canadian Rockies.

Single Family Home in CanmoreWhen we build a home our focus is on you, the customer. Your expressed needs and expectations are at the forefront of our building process. Once engaged in your project, we manage all elements of that project, from working directly with you and the architects at the planning stage, to coordinating input from sub-contractors at the building stage. From start to finish, we make sure your new home meets all of your expectations for quality, visual elegance and a hassle-free building process.

We take the spectacular Rocky Mountain environment into consideration in specifying materials so that the finished project fits into its alpine surroundings. Fine workmanship and finish are the hallmarks of our production process. We know how to execute difficult architectural details that make the difference between you owning a good home and you owning a great home.

Among the features you can expect are:

  • Innovative kitchen designVaulted ceilings that provide a wonderful feeling of interior spaciousness.
  • Large customized windows to take advantage of striking views and provide unlimited natural light.
  • Natural (rustic) materials that add a rich visual appeal to exteriors and interiors.
  • fine finishing such as fir, cherry and walnut, travertine tile work, stainless steel kitchen appliances, triple glazed windows, high efficient furnaces, duel flush toilets, timber frame details and specialized rock detailing that makes your home extra special in terms of quality.

Doug Protz - Custom Home Developer - Owner Elk Run Custom Homes.

Doug Protz and Ryan Skwara - Elk Run Homes Owners"Keep quality high, keep our product superior, and take on only what we can handle. We are offering some of the highest quality product for the most reasonable dollars per square foot and we are going to make sure that's what we are known for."
- The Elk Run Custom Homes team,
Doug Protz and Ryan Skwara. Proudly building homes in the Bow Valley since 1993.

We are proud participants in a "National Home Warranty" program so you can be sure your house will meet exceptional building and performance standards and be a home you will love and cherish for years to come.

Call today for a free consultation on building your dream home: 403-678-4711 or fill out our brief enquiry form at this link. I will be glad to discuss how we can make your project come to life.

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